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Our project at Beversbrook Road is a delicate intervention to the ground floor kitchen and living space. This project attempts to realign the house to the skewed garden beyond. The site sits at the end of a row of terraced houses and has a cranked plot boundary. The new window seat creates a projecting bay parallel to the rear fence. A new rooflight allows a completely new access directly from lounge to kitchen. The new kitchen and dining space provides ample space for the family to live, work, eat and play.

Internally the space is transformed from a dark non-insulated space kitchen space which faces the garden fence, into a light filled kitchen which addresses the garden. Walnut finishes clad the kitchen units and a mustard coloured fenix worktop brings some life and colour to the scene. A long brass splashback adds some metal texture to the space. Externally a combination of light bricks and precast lintels frame a modern extension to its traditional neighbour.